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Happy Butt – Happy Buba! #AD #Bepanthenprotects

We were kindly sent a box of goodies from Brit Mums and Bepanthen. It contained two tubes of Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment in different sizes, A musical book and an ‘aww look mammy baby penguin’ soft toy! The smaller tube is so handy to put in his changing bag and we keep the larger tube at home in his changing drawer.

Thankfully Alden has rarely suffered with nappy rash and I think that is thanks to Bepanthen. We were originally recommended it by his consultant in special care because it’s a kind to skin product it can be used on newborn babies and even premature babies. Alden was on a lot of medication and Bepanthen became part of our daily routine it’s so gentle it can be used at every nappy change – I beleive it really helped protect him and prevent the causes of nappy rash.

Whenever Alden has sadly suffered from soreness it has been rather mild and a by product of teething – as a Mammy, I always feel so sad and guilty when I change him and he has a sore bottom. Another reason why I’m so glad to be using Bepanthen – the flip top lid makes it easy to squeeze out, the consistency isn’t sticky so its easy to apply and doesn’t rub or stick to his nappy so it makes those difficult changes a little more bareable. I have noticed that everytime we use Bepanthen it does seems to calm the redness, it keeps his skin moisturised and hydrated preventing further soreness.

At the time of being sent our box Alden was poorly and suffering from a digestive viral infection which meant an increase in nappy changes and poos! Thankfully Bepanthen helped protect his little bottom so I could focus on getting him better. The challenge lasted a few weeks and I’m pleased that with the help of the nappy care ointment Alden didnt suffer from Nappy Rash, soreness or dryness – Happy Bottom – Happy Baby!

This post is an entry for the #BepanthenProtects Challenge, sponsored by Bepanthen. Learn more about how to protect baby’s sensitive skin on https://www.bepanthen.co.uk/

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