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Nourish - A revolution in daily vitamins - AD|GIFTED

I was kindly given the opportunity to try Nourished Vitamins by the wonderful Parent Squad.

I was very excited to try them because I had been looking into vegan vitamins and these were not only made from a vegan gel they were so cool - I’m a nerd at heart and, reading their site when making my order, finding that the daily stacks are made by a 3D printer - blew my mind!

You answer a series of questions about your health and goals the team at nourish then take your answers and build your own personalised stack perfect for you. You can choose one of their carefully formulated life stacks rather than a personalised one if you see a stack that suits your needs.

Within a week I received a lovely box of goodies. Each little packet had my name on - oooo. I was so pleased to read that the packaging was biodegradable and planet friendly too! Compared to traditional vitamins Nourished has a 99% higher efficacy and 70% higher absorption. Making giving your body what it needs easier and more fun!

This is my stack:

I tried them from receiving until now which has been almost 3 weeks. Every day I’d find taking vitamins easy, it was kind of like having a gummy sweet. The taste was pleasant, slightly tart but I’m guessing from the tart cherry it was still sweet rather than acidic - the look was so cute - RAINBOW!

After about a week I started to feel different, I found that I was getting up without the usual mammy-grog of sleep deprivation. I felt like my skin has improved and seems more glowy and less dull and a bit meh like usual.

It’s only been a few weeks but I have felt a difference and will definitely be purchasing more from Nourished.

You too can try Nourished with a fab discount code giving you £30 off you first two monthly boxes - use MINE15 at checkout.

Thank you Parent Squad and Nourished!

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